Giraffe Digital was founded in 2017 by Liesel Cooke who saw a significant gap in the marketplace around quality social media services. Liesel saw a lot of companies spending hours on social media only for a handful of people to see the posts. Beautiful websites were going unseen as there was nothing in place to drive traffic. 

With the average Australian spending an average of 10 hours a day on internet connected devices, the aim of Giraffe Digital is to help companies 'stand out from the crowd' of noise on the internet. 

We pride ourselves on creating simple yet effective solutions, taking social media followings from a few hundred to several thousand in a few months. Using Facebook advertising, Google AdWords, and email marketing we have increased web traffic and more than doubled sales for many of our clients. 

We won't bamboozle you with technical speak, we will explain our approach in simple, logical terms so you know exactly what to expect and so you will indeed, "stand out from the crowd".